15 things that make me happy meme

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  1. hanging with lucy! if we’re gonna be more specific: luna dates are a swell example.
  2. watching grey’s anatomy (even if it makes me cry 99% of the time)
  3. dessert food
  4. buying new clothes especially in person that instant gratification is the best
  5. dancing
  6. pimm’s jugs
  7. the arctic monkeys
  8. my pj pants from peter alexander mainly cos i got them for cheap
  9. conversations in cars when its just you and the driver
  10. my dog!! 
  11. generally being out with friends im rarely unhappy in these situations
  12. sunshine (stolen at least 3 from u lucy sorry)
  13. my sweet style B|
  14. winged eyeliner
  15. having baths



hmm i might tone my hair a very cool blonde and then have emoghosts help me bleach the ends / ombre it pale pink?? what do yall think

my issue is, is it even worth it? wil it look ok with any of my clothes? should i just go pink cold turkey

walterwhyte help

ombre will be cute but also just going pink would be rad? i dont think the clothes thing is even an issue idk i don’t think hair colours really clash with clothes as much as what people think/as much as clothes clash with clothes. i doubt im makin any sense soz 



Selfies taken at my friends grandmas house after a kitten broke into the house

excuse me what kitten

I wish I didn’t care about anything


Grimes, Pitchfork 2014.

okay, I’ll go back to lilac now


New Balance WR996 14FW ¥8,964

i got distracted by a really huge cat on my driving lesosn like it was the size of a medium sized dog and i wanted to tell my driving teacher but didnt 


actors: Ezra Miller


actors: Ezra Miller